How a new item comes out

As everything in my shop and in my everyday making, a new item borns when it is needed.

Here I don't work if there is not a real need underneath. It might be a simple desire, something you feel you need but you don't find and you ask me to make it for you.
I like to please desires and people needs.
My catalogue grows thanks to your whims and needs.

I made this new tiger sweatshirt because a grandma wants to please one of her grandsons who loves tigers. I feel really flathered and carrying an overwhelmed responsability since I've been chosen for such a special thing!
In first instance because this kind lady doesn't know me really, she read/saw what I make and perhaps what I am is clearly reflected on the things I make and I don't even notice most of the times because I'm usually busy in the everyday stuff, as this sort of slavery of cooking-eating-cleaning thing that happens in my kitchen at least 3 times a day and I find so hideous.
So when I received her shy message asking me about a tiger for his grandson, I felt like I was accurately selected among others to make this tiger special, it was a true beautiful moment!.
I couldn't say no.

I'm deeply thankful to all people from all over the world that has found my work inspiring and their I appreciate with all my heart your blind confidence on me. Your vision and trustfulness have improve my work day after day in the almost last 5 years I've been working on making.

I also get lots of requests from my own children. My eldest is the number 1 and she usually has the best ideas. My eldest girl is an un-fashionable open eyes dreamer. She was blessed with such beauty and "allure"... what is unexpected is she doesn't care about it and she has this natural inclination on don't belong to trends. When all girls were fond into Rapunzel, she asked for a shark costume.
As I'm a practical person and I hate to sew something that will be worn one or twice, I made up a shark sweatshirt, so it can be worn ALWAYS if possible :)
Emma was the very only one girl in Milan dressed up as a shark... after her idea I'm happily surprised many kids (boys and girls) have became sharks as well all around the world!

For her I made up pants and skirts, the pink-less dresses because she wanted a zebra print dress but as far as I don't like animal prints I found this fabric and I said, "this is zebra, ok?"... she asked for a starry sky dress (?), for a magic cape with a hood and things like that. I have to say I wasn't successful on butterfly wings because mine didn't fly, bummer!

Here I introduce you the new tiger sweatshirt. For further details click here:

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  1. Great stuff, Diana! It looks beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.


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