Something you can make with a man shirt

My husband doesn't wear shirts very often.
He has just a few in his closet.
In Italy they make very complex shirts, very structured, very fitted, with sharp darts everywhere. Most of them are hard to work with because the darts, even if you rip out the darts the pieces you get are hard to work with because the shapes.
This is a very rare shirt in our home. It was a wide american fit shirt!
My husband didn't wear it because too wide. I set it aside months ago because the color and fabric are pretty and light.
I had a very clear idea what I wanted to make with this shirt. I finally did :)

This is tunic no. 17 from the FU-KO basics book (Heart Warming Life Series).
The shirt was perfect for it.
The cut remembers the Staple Dress by April Rhodes but for girls. Also Burda Patterns has a very similar dress. If you are one of those courageous gals with a sewing machine and drafting paper around, you can even trace it yourself. I have to say I wouldn't make a dress like this for myself because it is not my favorite fit. But I perfectly see my eldest wearing it. She has long long solid pretty bones!

FU-KO basics book (Heart Warming Life Series) contains beautiful pieces. It is all in japanese but I think if you are used to japanese sewing books you can follow each project easily because they are full of pictures about the "work in progress" and have lots of drawings. 

I made very little changes from the original. I tried to keep it the most simple I could for a couple of hours project. I didn't add the facings, instead I added an easy bias tape collar. I used the shirt buttoned front on the back because this way I haven't figured out any buttons or closure. 

Emma liked it. She gets really excited when I say I made her something from her dad's stuff. Who knows why. 

Take a look to the FU-KO basics site: 
You will love it!

FU-KO basics for babies are also super gorgeous!! (super gorgeous!):

Here you find a review about the FU-KO basics book. 

**Note: take count working with thrifted garments is not easy but is a really good option to give a second/third chance to beautiful prints or fabrics. Please, don't think if you are using a thrifted garment you will work less or it will be a cheap project. Working with thrifted garments means lots of ripping out seams, pressing and tons of brains to figure out the best you can get from these clothes!

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