How's to live making

A pattern a day - Illustration by Anne Liesje

I don't even know how to start this post.
I have nice and not too nice feelings about it.
It has been rewarding and challenging at the same time.
It also make me feel tired but empowers myself everyday.

When you see "makers" around it looks so good, such a great life. All these good looking white studios or interesting spaces full of wonderful stuff.

I don't have a studio and I don't have any interesting space than the 3 square meters I use in my home to make what I make. The truth is "making" things takes time. Lots of time.

For me time is gold. I have 2 little girls, a husband, a household and a serious small business with books to keep, taxes to pay and some other thistly details you better unknow ; )
So, time, healthy girls and help are basics in my life.

It's really fun when companies call everyday to my place and ask for the one responsible for sales, for the one responsible for marketing, for the shipments guy, for the manager... I pick up the phone in all these characters all the time. People on the phone who wants to make deals with companies are super serious, sometimes if one of my kids is at home and yells or ask for something, I feel they feel like I'm making fun on them. Last year was funny, I got tons of calls from olive oil and wine companies who call me to sell me their products for my staff and customers. Christmas presents, you know, as I'm a company, olive oil and good wine are great gifts!

I'm one gal company.

Making things needs lots of organization and planning. On this side I'm ok because I used to work for long on the dark side of architecture, the works projects administration. I know a lot about this stuff, even if I'm not building buildings, I'm "building" garments every day. So I can schedule my work for a week/ a month, I can do the money/progress part but I don't and I prefer to read what my accountant says at the end of the taxes. I also quantify what I need, I have my very own inventory of everything and usually my head is so full of things I get grumpy.
On this side the bad thing is I'm as demanding and strict as works project administration companies are haha...

I'm also alone on this side of the ocean, it means I don't have grandparents or a full folk crew eager to take care of my kids anytime. I have friends yes, who are as busy as I am most of the times so I rarelly ask for taking care of my kids because I feel it feels like a sort of abuse hehe... I do have old in laws though.

At this point you may feel pity about me.
Or you may think I'm like super woman.

Well, I'm fine doing this job I chose, I love the challenges it brings. I learn a lot from it everyday. Since new sewing techniques to new shipping formats or taxing laws.

At this point I'm asking myself how big I'd want it.
What's the next dream to go for.

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