Spring for Emma

I'm a tough person about spending money.
If you want me to buy something, it will take a while to get me there.
I tried to went shopping for the girls and I came back sort of disappointed.
When it happens I need to sew what I wanted to find in the stores and I didn't.
Early this week I made a couple of tees for Emma, both based on the skinny flashback t shirt by Made by Rae.
If you are "building" a pattern collection for your kids, you must consider the skinny flashback t shirt a basic, no matter if you have only boys or girls or both. Same for the Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads. 

Both tshirts above were made from "left overs". I've worked with these fabrics before, I made a dress from the striped one and some lovely little tunics like the one below for the shop from the one above.

Emma liked very much her new tshirts. It makes me happy because I know she will wear them a lot. The kind of garments that will do the washing machine-tumble dryer cycle very often. The only "but" she said was they were too dark... yep, I know, we are heading spring and having bright and sunny days... You could sew something yellow, right mom?
Yesterday I was at my local fabric store picking some fabric for my shop. I live 10 minutes away from one of the largest fabric stores in Milan. It is a good thing but sometimes it is not so good because it is dangerously close.
Since this week has been an incredible week with work flowing nicely, I could keep one morning for making Emma a couple of outfits.

Two tshirts, always based on the skinny flashback t shirt pattern. The one on the right in real is yellow and brighter, it's a tone very difficult to catch with the camera. Emma said she doesn't like plain tees so I added a "print". I drew the girl on the yellow tshirt based on an illustration by Abigail Halpin. I used a textile drawing pen. The other one is an apple applique I made myself.

I also made for her 2 pants. 
They are the same pants I made for the shop some weeks ago. You find them here. 
I usually prefer unbleached denim but Emma asked for something bright and colorful because she doesn't like the dark denim I do (haha). I've been avoiding these fabrics for long but yesterday I knew they were what I was looking for. They are both denim, a very nice quality, cotton and spandex. This fabric store I live near stocks great "old stock" from famous italian garment firms and some other treasures, you find also tons of crap there, but doing some serious search in their shelves they keep some of the most wonderful fabric you've ever seen. 

What are you sewing for spring?
Do you have any kids pattern you think is a "must have"?

See you around!

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  1. The best part about being a mom who sews is making what you wish you found in the stores. All the pieces are adorable, but that Indian t-shirt is AMAZING! Everything about it is perfect, I would wear it myself!

  2. Hello Diana,
    Emma is so lucky! The clothes are beautiful, I would use them myself!
    I do not have kids, but sometimes I adventure myself in sewing some pretty basic skirts to a daughters friend that is going to be 2 years old.
    For myself, uhmm, for this spring? Rigth now infinity scarfs and vast majority sewing for home. Some pretty pillows, dozens of lavender and rose sachets, new potholders, new placemats, napkins and a new curtain for the kitchen. But in some cases double or triple, me and for my Mom and friends!
    Have a lovely week,

  3. Hey Diana! We met yesterday at the italian sewing bloggers meet up and I am the lucky one who picked up your fabric in the swap moment! I am so glad I found you, you're a very talented blogger/sewer! I'll be following you from now on! See you around!
    Anna Tamago Craft


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