Thanks, October!

wow... tomorrow we'll wake up in November!
I was born in November.
November is always a crazy month.
I'm never ready for November.
Today November sounds scary.

What's up here?

I'm glad you love the shark hoodies. They were a blast this October and some kids all around the world are The Sharks today : )
A shark hoodie will be always useful, really. Find yours here. 
Some sharks on the making some weeks ago.

This is a dress I made for Emma, it became a great input for a new style in the shop in adult sizes, maybe!
I'm looking for the right fabric at this very moment. I have some options and even a sample I could start to work on this weekend. I also made up the pattern in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL). This is hard work, guys.

Emma's dress top is based on the Bimaa Sweater pattern by Sarah from LouBeeClothing. The Shark Hoodie is based in the same pattern as well, can you believe it?. Sarah made up one of the most generous patterns ever. Thanks Sarah, we love your pattern here!.

Here you can see a wearable muslin I made in adult size. Of course, I didn't use the Bimaa Sweater since it is only up to size 6 years.

After the picture I worked a little bit longer on it. I made some adjustments to the top and sleeves. As told before, I'd be ready to work on a real one this weekend. I'm having some doubts about the fabric since I found a cotton-rayon blend. Working/wearing rayon is not my favorite but let's see. Texture is fantastic and color range is also very nice.

Christmas is just around the corner.
This year I got some help from a golden girl. Thanks, Laura!
So bymamma190 is well stocked for bear carriers. These will be in the shop very soon.

I love when friends and customers help me creating new things. You guys, have lots of great ideas and I really appreciate you trusting on me for making them up. A very special girl asked this one for her little one. How lovely is it??. Find yours here. The original is a crocodile, but you can always ask for your favorite thing. 

This one with a bunting line was for Sara. How cut is it??
Size was just on the border... haha... this girl grows all the time. I don't sew fast enough to follow her. I used this pattern. It is actually a onesie but you can always make a two pieces, right? 
The whole is in dutch. Sewing language is universal so, go to get your copy!. Click here.

We all wish you Happy Halloween and a great weekend!!

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  1. Hey! You and girls look so great! You did the great job, love that cat jumper and jumper for Sara! Have great time!


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