A new dress for Emma

It happens I sew a dress for Emma when I spent an afternoon looking at clothes for her at stores.
I never find what I really want to buy for her.
This fall/winter is also strange. It is hot enough to go around wearing short sleeves. Who knows when it will become cooler or what. We messed up the weather for real, I think. Ough.
When it is about to fill Emma's wardrobe I always look for basic wear. It needs to be easy to dress since she dresses herself, it has to be easy to take off when needed (I hate her to pee herself because she can't deal fast with a zipper, really!), all garments has to be totally washable in a "deep" way because Emma looks like a "fine little lady" but in real she's like a sort of a lumberjack at work.
Her garments have to like her and they should coordinate easily. Sizes and styles must cover at least 3 months of growing, because it is really a sort of Jeopardy to get her new clothes everytime.
Yep. You caught me. I don't love too much clothes shopping. Milan is full of clothing stores, clothing stores are perennially full of people. All the time.
It bores me, I hate to make lines to pay. My head explodes when it comes to look at for something or pick a size and as topper of the situation, a salesgirl comes to "assist" my shopping. Oh gosh!. Italy is full of these ladies and most italians look for their advices. While shopping apparel I tend to do as at the supermarket. Ough. I don't need you to sell me your cereal ;)

So, I made this dress for her. I'm planning to make 2 more, and a skirt.

It started as a frills skirt from this book. 
Then I thought it would be better if it could become a dress because this way she would get a whole outfit with no need to think about a shirt or tshirt to coordinate. It also makes our lives easier since every morning getting her dressed is hard.
I didn't want a plain tshirt. I wanted something that make her feel pretty and feminine. She's the lovely lumberjack I told you before but she likes to dress girly, not that girly as ultra-pink, excessive frills, sashes, bows, etc. But "girly" anyway.

I made it from some leftovers of knits. I used last year the herringbone fabric for this dress. This dress was pretty successful but I didn't have enough fabric for her current size and I wanted to make something differente anyway. The top is made from cotton rayon blend knit I found at my local fabric store.

For the top I used the flashback skinny tee pattern by Rae Hoekstra. It is a super generous pattern since allows lots of customizations. I added a collar, a button on the back and a little bow.

I even found a pair of nice thights!

We also find the perfect shoes for it!. Emma likes them very much. I do as well.
I told you. Emma is a cute little lumberjack ;)

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  1. Qué bonito vestido! está genial! :) y Emma se ve lindisima con él! :D, tu haces ver cualquier proyecto de costura fácil de hacer :D


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