Happy New Year 2012!

Nice things happened this year, I'm really grateful. Lately I've faced some little (or big) monsters, the best and the worst have had to be shown and I've learned huge lessons of life in just few time... I'm still learning.
I hope I'll become a better mom each day, a caring and loving wife, a constant friend, a "first line" daughter (sister and aunt) ... expectations are high and maybe I must be happy just being a better me : )

Thank you all, friends, fans, readers and costumers. I wish you a wonderful 2012 full of opportunities and possibilities... a whole new year made with love. 

...Made with love...

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  1. Feliz Año!
    Gracias por llenarnos de creatividad, ideas y tus bellas creaciones!
    Lo mejor para ustedes este Nuevo Año!
    Un abrazo!

  2. Gracias Ana, muchas felicidades para ti también, que sea otro año de tantas fotos y tantos posts. Un besazo!


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