31 ottobre 2014

Thanks, October!

wow... tomorrow we'll wake up in November!
I was born in November.
November is always a crazy month.
I'm never ready for November.
Today November sounds scary.

What's up here?

I'm glad you love the shark hoodies. They were a blast this October and some kids all around the world are The Sharks today : )
A shark hoodie will be always useful, really. Find yours here. 
Some sharks on the making some weeks ago.

This is a dress I made for Emma, it became a great input for a new style in the shop in adult sizes, maybe!
I'm looking for the right fabric at this very moment. I have some options and even a sample I could start to work on this weekend. I also made up the pattern in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL). This is hard work, guys.

Emma's dress top is based on the Bimaa Sweater pattern by Sarah from LouBeeClothing. The Shark Hoodie is based in the same pattern as well, can you believe it?. Sarah made up one of the most generous patterns ever. Thanks Sarah, we love your pattern here!.

Here you can see a wearable muslin I made in adult size. Of course, I didn't use the Bimaa Sweater since it is only up to size 6 years.

After the picture I worked a little bit longer on it. I made some adjustments to the top and sleeves. As told before, I'd be ready to work on a real one this weekend. I'm having some doubts about the fabric since I found a cotton-rayon blend. Working/wearing rayon is not my favorite but let's see. Texture is fantastic and color range is also very nice.

Christmas is just around the corner.
This year I got some help from a golden girl. Thanks, Laura!
So bymamma190 is well stocked for bear carriers. These will be in the shop very soon.

I love when friends and customers help me creating new things. You guys, have lots of great ideas and I really appreciate you trusting on me for making them up. A very special girl asked this one for her little one. How lovely is it??. Find yours here. The original is a crocodile, but you can always ask for your favorite thing. 

This one with a bunting line was for Sara. How cut is it??
Size was just on the border... haha... this girl grows all the time. I don't sew fast enough to follow her. I used this pattern. It is actually a onesie but you can always make a two pieces, right? 
The whole is in dutch. Sewing language is universal so, go to get your copy!. Click here.

We all wish you Happy Halloween and a great weekend!!

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19 ottobre 2014

A new dress for Emma

It happens I sew a dress for Emma when I spent an afternoon looking at clothes for her at stores.
I never find what I really want to buy for her.
This fall/winter is also strange. It is hot enough to go around wearing short sleeves. Who knows when it will become cooler or what. We messed up the weather for real, I think. Ough.
When it is about to fill Emma's wardrobe I always look for basic wear. It needs to be easy to dress since she dresses herself, it has to be easy to take off when needed (I hate her to pee herself because she can't deal fast with a zipper, really!), all garments has to be totally washable in a "deep" way because Emma looks like a "fine little lady" but in real she's like a sort of a lumberjack at work.
Her garments have to like her and they should coordinate easily. Sizes and styles must cover at least 3 months of growing, because it is really a sort of Jeopardy to get her new clothes everytime.
Yep. You caught me. I don't love too much clothes shopping. Milan is full of clothing stores, clothing stores are perennially full of people. All the time.
It bores me, I hate to make lines to pay. My head explodes when it comes to look at for something or pick a size and as topper of the situation, a salesgirl comes to "assist" my shopping. Oh gosh!. Italy is full of these ladies and most italians look for their advices. While shopping apparel I tend to do as at the supermarket. Ough. I don't need you to sell me your cereal ;)

So, I made this dress for her. I'm planning to make 2 more, and a skirt.

It started as a frills skirt from this book. 
Then I thought it would be better if it could become a dress because this way she would get a whole outfit with no need to think about a shirt or tshirt to coordinate. It also makes our lives easier since every morning getting her dressed is hard.
I didn't want a plain tshirt. I wanted something that make her feel pretty and feminine. She's the lovely lumberjack I told you before but she likes to dress girly, not that girly as ultra-pink, excessive frills, sashes, bows, etc. But "girly" anyway.

I made it from some leftovers of knits. I used last year the herringbone fabric for this dress. This dress was pretty successful but I didn't have enough fabric for her current size and I wanted to make something differente anyway. The top is made from cotton rayon blend knit I found at my local fabric store.

For the top I used the flashback skinny tee pattern by Rae Hoekstra. It is a super generous pattern since allows lots of customizations. I added a collar, a button on the back and a little bow.

I even found a pair of nice thights!

We also find the perfect shoes for it!. Emma likes them very much. I do as well.
I told you. Emma is a cute little lumberjack ;)

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10 ottobre 2014

Fall... falling

Well, I'm back to my shop and sewing for you all since the last 6 weeks.
Things are kind of messy lately. Etsy made some changes. I was "on vacation" for too long.
If any of you has a successful recipe, could you tell me how to manage family+own business+homework+procastination free time?
Lately my lack of time is definetely a cronic issue, all what I do is own business+homework+escorting (instead of family time since I drive my crew of 2 little woman to preschool, daycare, playground, swimming, english classes, etc.)
Something in my procedures is missing or failing but I don't know what.
I do go to bed very late. I do wake up early.
I did said Sara will come back home at noon from daycare. I wanted her at daycare until 3 p.m. but it wasn't successful the first week, then she got sick, it took 2 weeks more to get her to love her daycare again... and I really missed the courage to insist to keep her there until 3 p.m. For working it would be great since I'd have 7 plenty hours to work freely but for this little bug and mommy it would be suicide since we spend almost all afternoons escorting the biggest girl in her after school activities. Little Sara wouldn't have time to nap in a cozy place instead of a stroller or car seat! She couldn't explore her own house!. She comes back home at noon and it reduces drastically my working time. My girls are not great napping hehe...
So, I feel we are going really slow. And sometimes I say to myself it is ok. But most of the times I get mad because I'd like to have time to do more things!

Most things are being done, anyway. I can't leave things undone :)

This is the librarian tunic dress. A new model in my catalogue.
It has become my obsession. I treasured this material for months. It is vintage cotton flannel, thick and soft as you cannot imagine. I must made a version in "vanille", someone in the whole universe will lend time to me, right?. I got to draft and cut the vanille version. I just need to sew it!

I have only 2 available in the shop of these in the material you see in the picture. You find it here.
As a "mistake" I made it in chambray as well, it came out a very nice. I have it available in all sizes (S, M, L, XL). Click here to know more about it.

Due to my lack of time this blog is being updated not so often.
But you can always follow me on instagram, etsy or pinterest. Maybe you already do :)

Have a nice weekend!

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24 settembre 2014

How fast do they grow?!?

I remember each single day when Emma was a newborn seemed to be the longest day in my life.
I'm not the best with newborns. They are adorable but... you know, have you been full time with a newborn ever?. Yes?. You get me ;)

Each fall/winter season I make up an ears hat.

The very first:

Last year:

This year: 

How grown up does she look in this picture?!? I'm scared!
*This hat is currently available at my Etsy shop*

By the way, getting the picture wasn't a piece of cake... I have 31 pictures from the last hat to get only 3. Hard work, guys.

Thanks Emma, for being a great model for your mama <3

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