10 settembre 2014

Pajama pants for Emma

These days I'm sewing some stuff we urgently need.
Changing season is always hard time for one who sews. You never know when it suddenly will become too chilly and you are not ready or the opposite, when you'll find yourself all sweaty and not ready as well!
Emma needs pajamas. Sara needs pants. Fall is just around the corner.
Both girls grow fast. Too fast!
I could go to any shop and grab  pajamas and pants but I don't. I want to make them.
When I go to a shop I spent more time looking at seams, finishings and materials in the garments than looking at them for picking something.
Then it ends I don't find anything appealing, I lost too much time looking on seams and finishings that I have to runaway because I'm late.

I do learn a lot from my garments observation. I love to go to the "haute couture" floor at La Rinascente (a very known departamental store in Milan, similar to Fifth Saks Avenue or so) just to touch and look into the clothing. I also visit a lot the "ready to wear" collections in the same store just to grab some tricks about seams and finishings.
At Zara and H&M it is just too poor. Materials, seams and finishings at these shops are worse and worse. I have some Zara garments old at least 15 years and I can say they are made very different than the ones you find these days.

I may say making these pajama pants don't save any money. They are costly. Similar pants at any other shop can be found for few euros. I only can say I made them for my child because I wanted absolutely to make these pants for her, because it turns on my anger to see poorly made clothing. Because sometimes I find sad and ridiculous to pay so few money for something that has LOTS OF WORK behind.

Here you have, Emma's pajama pants:

They are made from quilting cottons I had in my stash.
The ones with puppy and kitten faces fabric is "My world of smiles - Good friends tea" from Alexander Henry.
The gingham print pajamas are made from "Gingham Grass" by Cloud9 fabrics, the same fabric I use for this dress. This fabric is available at my Etsy shop.

Pattern is the super handy "O" pants pattern from the "Happy handmade vol. 2" book.
This book is a must. Nowdays you find english and french editions. When I got my copy only japanese was available. It was probably one of the firsts japanese sewing books I got.
I've made the "O" pants for Emma several times. I've tried different materials and pockets or not pockets. I like these pants cut for her because she's tall and she looks great with a nice wide leg pants. I notice she wears a lot her "O" pants because they are comfy and easy to wear for her.
For example, these pants, I made them from a pair of old daddy's jeans.
Also these floral pants are "O" pants, they are "brothers" of these orange pants.
I've made also cords from "O" pants pattern as these in beige and these ones in steel blue. 
And these tibetan pants are "O" pants too!
I must create an "O pants" collection on my Flickr account!

If you feel like making pajamas, here you have some links for inspiration:
-Yay for jammies!  by Anna Graham from Noodlehead (this is one of my favorites sewing blogs).
- Shirred voile pajama pants by Anna Graham from Noodlehead. This also a tutorial for woman pajama pants.
- The acrobat pants by Cintia from My poppet. These are the fastest-easiest pants ever.

Have fun : )

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05 settembre 2014

Back to school

So... summer is leaving!
Summer was good. For us.
I know, there wasn't sun enough but it means we didn't have dog days and I wasn't all sweaty and tired for weeks. Also I'm glad first summer for Sara was like this, not too hot.
I think the one who misses the sun the most is Emma and this year her swimsuit didn't leave a strong sign on her body but she sunbathed a lot, yes she did.
Emma is back to preschool since last monday. She's is on her second year. Usually in Italy kids stay in preschool for 2-3 years. She was really eager to go back to school and happy to see her friends back.
Next week Sara will start with daycare. Yes. She's young for daycare, she'll be 8 months in few days. We do daycare otherwise "making my magic" cannot go longer. I always say to my husband he is the CEO guy in this enterprise and I'm the plant manager haha...
I really don't know how it will work for Sara, for Emma it was good and it seems she was made to be with strangers because we never had any crying escene or runaway attempt while being at the daycare gate. Emma really enjoyed her time there. Sara is like Pandora's Box. She was such a quiet and sweet newborn. Now she's like those tropical depressions that could become a hurricane in a twist!
She's really fun even if I'm glad when she goes on "stand by" mode and finally naps hehe...

For her I made a daycare kit.
At any italian daycare they ask for a drawstring bag, bibs, a pair of towells and sometimes also a blanket.

I used a piece of soft colors striped canvas I had from Ikea. It used to be a sort of "roof" for Emma's bed. I reused it since it was a large piece. Great print, soft, and nice weight for Sara's daycare kit ;)
The elephants fabric comes from Umbrella Prints. Do you remember this?
Well, this fabric was part of the prize. Gorgeous fabrics!

I learned sewing drawstring bags from this book by Lotta Jansdotter. It is a great book and I think most people who starts sewing self taught owns one copy. I do. 
I've sewn the original drawsting backpack in the book several times and then I've made several variations and improvements as well. Sara's drawstring bag is larger than the one in the book and has a single pocket in the front. 

The first things I ever sewn were baby bibs. 
And now, I confess, I don't love too much making bibs ;)
But they are useful and really fast and easy to sew. 
For these bibs I used the "Messy kid bib" from "Oliver+S little things to sew" book. 
I simplified the original pattern and adapted to our necessities. I like this pattern a lot because is large enough and its shape is great. It closes on one side instead of behind. It is long enough and has a sort of "pear shape" that allows kids movements without moving itself. 
For the towells. They are Ikea towells, I just add a kind of tag on the corners from the elephants fabric. 

I've been also sewing for my Etsy shop. I have some nice things ready and a couple on progress. I will re-open my Etsy shop on September 15th. Can't wait :)

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07 agosto 2014

hey hey hey

Yes, I've been very quiet around here.
Yes, the shop is on vacation mode.
Yes, we've been here and there and everywhere. Sea, lake, city...
Summer is really long in Italy.
But the real thing is I'm struggling to get some hours to sew and work for bymamma190 shop : )
Here you have a little sample what's coming on September 2014. Stay tuned!

Smurfy baby romper. Sizes from 0 to 12 months. Made to order. Available at www.bymamma190.etsy.com from September 2014. Stay tuned!

The bugs keeper drawstring backpack. Made to order. Available at www.bymamma190.etsy.com from September 2014. Stay tuned!

Bye bye birdie woman tunic. Available at www.bymamma190.etsy.com from September 2014. Stay tuned!

Heirloom baby girl outfit. Size 3-6 months. Available at www.bymamma190.etsy.com from September 2014. Stay tuned!

Heirloom baby outfit. Unisex. Size 3-6 months. Available at www.bymamma190.etsy.com from September 2014. Stay tuned!

Hope you are enjoying summer :)

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07 luglio 2014

Cucire per le mie ragazze

È inevitabile non cucire per le mie proprie figlie.
Sono la mia ispirazione, il perchè di qualsiasi cosa che faccio e anche, le mie cavie (ough... sì, per testare cartamodelli e alcune delle mie proprie invenzioni, mi aiutano tanto!).

Questo è un'abitino estivo per Sara. Il cartamodello lo trovate qui, da scaricare gratis.
È una collaborazione di Anna Maria Horner con Janome.
Il tessuto è un'avanzo di nani IRO. Io ho fatto le maniche più corte...

Questo è fedele al cartamodello originale:

Emma con un Geranium Dress e Sara con un grembiule. Il cartamodello del grembiule di Sara l'ho fatto io usando un cartamodello di una maglietta per neonati che c'è in una rivista Ottobre Design, non vi so dire quale, scusate. Il grembiule è svasato con chiusura sulla schiena in alto con un paio di bottoni. Ce l'ho in 2 misure. Appena ho tempo faccio bello il cartamodello e sarebbe da condividere.
La stoffa del Geranium Dress di Emma è una cotonina americana per quilting. Quella del grembiule di Sara è una maglina in cotone stretch che ho trovato in un negozio di stoffe vicino casa mia.

I miei shorts preferiti per Emma. Dall'anno scorso che glieli faccio. Credo di averne fatto più di una dozina tra l'anno scorso e quest'anno.
Il cartamodello è di Burda. Lo trovate qui.
Sono dei pantaloncini corti con 2 tasche davanti, cintura con elastico.
La stoffa degli shorts di entrambe le foto è un misto lino cotone delle collezioni Stamped e Folk Modern di Ellen Lukett Baker per Kokka.

Il top di questa foto l'ho fatto anch'io.
L'ho ricavato di una mia gonna.
Ho preso ispirazione da questo libro.

A richiesta di Emma gli ho fatto una borsa a tracolla.
Ho usato degli scampoli di lino e un pezzetto di una cotonina americana per l'appliqué di principessa.
Non ho usato nessun tutorial/cartamodello.

Buon inizio di settimana!

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