12 marzo 2015

Spring for Emma

I'm a tough person about spending money.
If you want me to buy something, it will take a while to get me there.
I tried to went shopping for the girls and I came back sort of disappointed.
When it happens I need to sew what I wanted to find in the stores and I didn't.
Early this week I made a couple of tees for Emma, both based on the skinny flashback t shirt by Made by Rae.
If you are "building" a pattern collection for your kids, you must consider the skinny flashback t shirt a basic, no matter if you have only boys or girls or both. Same for the Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads. 

Both tshirts above were made from "left overs". I've worked with these fabrics before, I made a dress from the striped one and some lovely little tunics like the one below for the shop from the one above.

Emma liked very much her new tshirts. It makes me happy because I know she will wear them a lot. The kind of garments that will do the washing machine-tumble dryer cycle very often. The only "but" she said was they were too dark... yep, I know, we are heading spring and having bright and sunny days... You could sew something yellow, right mom?
Yesterday I was at my local fabric store picking some fabric for my shop. I live 10 minutes away from one of the largest fabric stores in Milan. It is a good thing but sometimes it is not so good because it is dangerously close.
Since this week has been an incredible week with work flowing nicely, I could keep one morning for making Emma a couple of outfits.

Two tshirts, always based on the skinny flashback t shirt pattern. The one on the right in real is yellow and brighter, it's a tone very difficult to catch with the camera. Emma said she doesn't like plain tees so I added a "print". I drew the girl on the yellow tshirt based on an illustration by Abigail Halpin. I used a textile drawing pen. The other one is an apple applique I made myself.

I also made for her 2 pants. 
They are the same pants I made for the shop some weeks ago. You find them here. 
I usually prefer unbleached denim but Emma asked for something bright and colorful because she doesn't like the dark denim I do (haha). I've been avoiding these fabrics for long but yesterday I knew they were what I was looking for. They are both denim, a very nice quality, cotton and spandex. This fabric store I live near stocks great "old stock" from famous italian garment firms and some other treasures, you find also tons of crap there, but doing some serious search in their shelves they keep some of the most wonderful fabric you've ever seen. 

What are you sewing for spring?
Do you have any kids pattern you think is a "must have"?

See you around!

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21 febbraio 2015

It's been a long winter!

It's fun when people can't wait for Christmas but immediately all the Christmas/New Year hustle bustle ends you feel like you need spring immediately. WINTER starts just 2 days before Christmas and it last 3 months (or more, Milan may have long humid winters and you see spring blowing by the end of May!).
For us winter means cold - humid - dark days with some bright sunny days in between (very rare but they happen sometimes). Cold humid dark days sound not bad if you can get a dry place and sew all day long haha... it doesn't happen at my place though : P
Our winter has been full of fever, flu, stomach flu, fever, more flu, stomach flue ONLY ONCE PLEASE. And now we are heading into spring and just got an email from Emma's school saying there are a few cases of scarlet fever (oh dear!!!... and you say to me my people is lack of vitamins).

There have been days where I have chance to go errands by my own and seriously get to think if I want to go back home or take this gold chance to run away. I'm kidding! But believe me, this winter has been hard. Plus, I got this baby girl who barely sleep!!!. I used to say her sister didn't sleep, well, if you pair Emma with her little sister it cames out Emma is our sleep champion forever.

I've been sewing a lot. Yes. I don't have much time to blog or reading blogs. My smartphone was stolen from my pockets just before Christmas and I was without a decent smartphone for a couple of months. It wasn't really bad at all, it was like a therapy. But I didn't take pictures. I got a new smartphone just because the pictures.

Here you have a resume of some stuff I made in January for our "everyday use":

A pencil case for Emma. A couple of days later we had to buy a "real" pencil case as the one her mates own. Puagh. Sometimes I think "handmade-homemade" is overated. Snif. The pencil case we got at the shop had a ridiculous price and has 3 zippers and like 100 elastics folded for each pencil!!. God. 10 euros worth. The guy who stitched the whole thing is a slave. I made the one here below.

A new pinnie style for the shop. I have the good will of making also the tutorial. But it is only the good will for the moment. Sorry. You find it in the shop. Made to order. 

Some pouches for gifts.

Some baskets.

A doll for Sara's birthday. She doesn't care about it and Emma takes care of it instead ;)

A dress with "star powder" and a fairy cape for Emma's birthday.

I loved the dress. She does as well.

The cape is also a great idea, kids love it. I didn't think a cape could be this magic. The best if it gets a hood! You find it in the shop.

Fairy wings.

A tutu.

And some more little stuff like t-shirts, a couple of pants and so... it's breakfast time here.
Happy weekend!

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07 gennaio 2015

Hi 2015 and... a Compagnie M Louisa dress

After my "final race" I've been totally off from the blogging thing. Shame on me. Shame on these only 24 hours days have and shame I have to sleep as well, haha...
December came and went with tons of an effervescent and confusing atmosphere I couldn't even realize what day was I was living then.
It arrived the New Year and a very well deserved pause.
For this 2015 we all need tons of these "dream pills" otherwise I'm not sure we are going to make it until the end of the year. I don't know you but I do need my daily dream pills dose.

Dopo il mio "sprint finale" sono sparita dal blog. Vergogna a me. Vergogna a queste sole 24 ore che ogni giorno ha e purtroppo devo anche dormire, haha... 
Dicembre è arrivato e andato in mezzo a una atmosfera effervescente e confusionale tale che non sapevo neanche in che giorno stavo vivendo.
Poi finalemente è arrivato capodanno e una meritatissima pausa.

Per questo 2015 credo tutti avremmo bisogno di queste "dream pills", altrimenti non so come faremo ad arrivarci fino alla fine. Non so voi ma io ho bisogno della mia bella dose giornaliera o non tiro avanti. 

It also happened I was invinted to sew a Louisa dress! 
I got this pattern several time ago but never had time or chance to work on it and stayed on my hard drive all this time.
One, because Emma is not very much into this kind of dresses and I honestly hate to make things my girls won't ever wear. It pisses me off. Really. Too much work and time to stay hanging in the closet. No way.
Two, because my girl number 2 never stops!!

Sono anche stata invitata a cucire un vestito Louisa!
Il cartamodello l'avevo già preso tempo fa ma non avevo mai avuto occassione o tempo per lavorarci.
Uno, perchè Emma non ama molto questi abiti minimalisti. Io odio fare cose che non verrano indossate. Tanto lavoro e tempo per lasciarle riposare nell'armadio. Noooooo!!

Due, perchè la mia figlia numero 2 è una piccola peste. Cavoli. Se non è perchè i suoi geni sono i nostri quasi direi che ce l'hanno scambiata al nido ;) 

But, the Louisa dress needed a reason to be made and also worn so I worked on it!
The Louisa dress pattern was translated to italian by Paunnet for Compagnie M so more italian sewists can work on easily in ther language.
The translation by Paunnet is really well made. You get all the info you need. I highly recommend to read the whole instructions pages and pattern before working on your Louisa dress.

Ma, un'abito Louisa doveva essere fatto e indossato, allora ci ho lavorato su.
Il cartamodello dell'abito Louisa è stato tradotto all'italiano da Paunnet per Compagnie M, così che tanti altri fan del cucito in Italia ora possono farlo nella propria lingua.
La traduzione di Paunnet è perfetta. Si trova tutta l'informazione di cui si ha bisogno. Se vi viene voglia di farne uno vi raccomando di leggere fino in fondo le istruzioni e studiare bene il cartamodello prima di cominciare. 

I also highly recommend to measure your girl accurately and choose the right size according to the measurements you get. If you are a medium or high level sewist you can also make the right corrections you need and go through sizes for making the right custom Louisa your girl needs.

Vi raccomando anche di misurare la vostra fanciulla molto bene per scegliere la taglia giusta. Rispetto agli standard italiani di taglie, questo abitino veste grande. Se avete una certa esperienza e perizia nel taglio e cucito (oppure basta solo sangue freddo ;), potete addattare i pezzi dell'abito d'accordo alle vostre esigenze e fare un'abito Louisa su misura. 

As I was saying before, I want this dress to be loved and worn so I made it in a way Emma has to wear it even if it is not a "princess" alike dress.
I made it in yellow because it's her favorite color. It's made from a knit strecht fabric, I got it from my local fabric shop, a very friendly cotton, rayon and elastan blend. For enhancing the pocket I added this nice piping by Petit Pan I got from Marianne. Long sleeves are a must because it is made for this winter. It's risky to sew for Emma in advance since she gets tall and taller all the time!

Come dicevo prima, io voglio che questo abito venga amato e indossato, quindi l'ho fatto in modo che non lo si possa ignorare anche se non è il solito abito da principessa con gonnellona e volant (seee.. la Emma veste abiti e gonne solo se da principessa anche se ha un tattuaggio di drago sulla pancia che non va più via.. puaaah... ora quando mi diventa "dark", non lo so non lo so non lo so...). 
L'ho fatto giallo perchè è il suo colore preferito. Ho cercato questa maglina e l'ho trovata nel mio negozio di fiducia della porta accanto, una maglia di cotone/viscosa/elastano molto bella da cucire. Come acento di colore per la tasca ho scelto uno sbieco con cordoncino di Petit Pan, preso da Marianne. Le maniche lunghe sono un'obbligo perchè questo abito la mia ragazza lo deve indossare questo inverno. È molto rischioso cucire per Emma in tempo futuro perchè cresce come l'erba e diventa alta altissima giorno dopo giorno.

For making it in a knit fabric I made some modifications to the pattern and I also simplified the most the pieces I needed. I also skip the zipper and used a button instead, this because my kid gets mad with zippers all the time. The worst if they are on the back.
The whole dress was made using a serger except the piping and hem so it was a fast dress to make.
I used the pattern version without seams allowances. I started with a size 5 years and modified what needed to fit Emma's body. I always work on custom orders so I always work to make things that will fit perfect as a second skin.

Il cartamodello è pensato per stoffa non stretch, per farlo in maglina ho fatto qualche modifica al cartamodello originale. Non ho messo la cerniera perchè Emma le odia e ho messo invece una chiusura con un botone.
Il vestito intero l'ho cucito con la taglia e cuci, tranne lo sbieco della tasca e l'orlo. Diciamo che il "fare" dopo il cartamodello e taglio è stato abbastanza veloce.
Ho usato il cartamodello senza margini di cucitura. Ho preso come base la taglia 5 anni e da lì ho fatto qualche modifica d'accordo alle misure di Emma. Siccome lavoro sempre su abiti su misura ho questo pallino che tutto deve venir perfetto, come una seconda pelle per chi indosserà il capo.

For following the whole Louisa dress italian tour here you have the appointments:
Se volete seguire il tour dell'abito Louisa, qui trovate i prossimi appuntamenti:

Thanks to Marte from Compagnie M for this tour. If you feel you NEED to make a Louisa, here you have a 10% coupon code you can use until the end of the tour: LOUISA-INTRO.
GO! ; )

Ringrazio Marte di Compagnie M per l'occassione di cucire questo abito e... per chi ha voglia, offre il 10% di sconto nell'acquisto del cartamodello usando questo codice: LOUISA-INTRO. Il codice è valido durante la durata del tour. 

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14 novembre 2014

The final race

Here we are at the end of the road!
E ci siamo quasi, alla fine della strada!

This year is going really fast and my memories get really blury because this fast living.
These days I'm gathering all I can for Emma's advent calendar, I subscribed to a swap so I'm gathering some cool things for my swap partner in the UK. Hope she will like my finds.
I'm also getting busy with the Santa stuff for the girls. Emma is done but what we are not really sure about is Sara. She's less than 1 year old. I can't remember what Santa gave to Emma on her first Christmas. That's why I say my memories are blury!
Quest'anno sta andando veramente veloce e ora mi accorgo che la mia memoria è ogni volta peggio. 
Questi giorni sono alla ricerca di pensierini per il calendario dell'Avvento di Emma. Mi sono iscrita a uno swap ed sto anche radunando un po' di cosette per la mia swap partner che si trova in Regno Unito.
Sono anche abbastanza impegnata con Babbo Natale. Da Emma ormai abbiamo un sacco di informazioni: disegni, lettere, ecc. Con Sara però siamo persi, non ha neanche un'anno, non abbiamo idea di cosa potrebbe portargli Babbo Natale. Non riesco a ricordare che cosa ha portato a Emma nel suo primo Natale. 

She plays around with whatever. I have to say I'm that kind of person who thinks whatever can amuse and become a toy, really. Sara gets super excited with a spoon, a brush, a blanket, a bottle of water...
With my girls I'm never on the trending side for toys and I confess I know nothing about trending toys. I'm also on the stingy side when it is about toys. Of course we get toys, but not all we find and I can predict the uncertain future of an useful toy and I don't buy that stuff. We are also short in space at home and I hope in the future Santa will have a bigger house : P
Sara gioca praticamente con qualsiasi cosa. Io sono di quelle persone che pensano che qualsiasi cosa può diventare un giocattolo e mi fido di più degli oggetti comuni per il divertimento che dai giochi veri. Lei si intrattiene con i cucchiai, una spazzola, un lenzuolino, una bottiglietta d'acqua... con le bimbe non sono mai molto aggiornata sui giochi del momento. Sono anche un po' tirchia per prendere nuovi giochi ogni volta perchè odio i giocattoli abbandonati con cui non si gioca mai. Poi abbiamo anche pochissimo spazio in casa (perciò spero che un dicembre Babbo Natale ci sorprenda e ci porti una nuova casa molto più grande : P

I'm happy how my girls are growing, Emma is able to play with whatever and she loves to draw. When she needs something she says: I will draw it!
A funny thing is Emma is always getting playdates because she is a sort of entertainer and some moms always to take her to play with their girls. I think it is because she comes out with great ideas for playing and keeps her mates busy and happy for a couple of hours.
Sono molto contenta di come le ragazze stanno crescendo. Emma gioca con tutto e gli piace molto disegnate. A volte, quando vuole una cosa mentre gioca e non ce l'ha dice: Adesso me la disegno!
Emma ha sempre molti appuntamenti per giocare con altri bimbi. È molto brava a inventare giochi e tiene i suoi amichetti impegnate a lungo giocando. 

If you are looking for stocking stuffers and nice toys "out of the beaten track", I have these bear/doll carriers in the shop. They have been the best favorites for kids and parents since I made the very first. At the moment only girly versions are avaiable but I hope I will have some for boys very soon.
Se siete a la recerca di regalini di Natale per i vostri bimbi e desiderate un giocattolo un po' diverso, ho questi marsupi porta-bambola. Sono stati da sempre i preferiti da mamme e bambini. Al momento trovate solo fantasie da bambina ma spero averne anche da maschietto al più presto. 

Click here for further information about the bear/doll carriers. 
Cliccate qui per più info sui marsupi. 

Enjoy weekend!

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