05 luglio 2016

Baby girl and boy ceremony outfits - Abiti cerimonia bimbo e neonata.

This is a little work I made last spring.
Questo è un piccolo lavoro che ho fatto la primavera scorsa.
They are two ceremony outfits proposal for a baby girl and her little brother.
Si tratta di 2 proposte di abiti da cerimonia per una coppia di fratellini: una bebè e il suo fratellino.

It was baby girl's christening.
Sono proposte per il battessimo della piccola. 
I made two options.
Ho fatto 2 scelte per ognuno. 
First choice is a 4 separates ensemble: linen pinafore, solid color pima cotton popeline blouse, liberty bloomers and linen bonnet.
La prima scelta sono un ensemble di 4 pezzi: grembiulino di lino, blusa di cotone pima, copripannolino e cuffietta in liberty. 

Second choice is a classic dress in liberty fabric, peter pan collar and balloon sleeves with coordinated linen bonnet and solid color popeline bloomer. 
La seconda scelta sono un'abitino in liberty con colletto e maniche a palloncino, mutandina in popeline di cotone pima.

These below are the proposal for here little big brother.
Questi sotto sono le proposte bimbo.
First choice is a linen vest and long pants, with a white cotton pima popeline shirt mao collar.  
La prima scelta sono un completo in lino di gilet e pantalone lungo, con camicia collo mao in cotone pima. 

Second choice is a white  pima cotton popeline shirt, ecrù short pants. Accessories are suspenders and liberty bow tie. 
La seconda scelta è una camicia classica manica lunga in popeline di cotone pima, pantaloni corti in lino, bretelle e farfallino coordinato con il vestito della sorellina. 

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21 giugno 2016

About fabric design - Stoffa personalizzata

Some weeks ago I took on charge a special task.
I designed a custom fabric for my oldest girl teacher.
Qualche settimana fa ho preso in mano un'incarico molto speciale. 
Ho lavorato sul design di una stoffa personalizzata per la scuola materna di mia figlia. 

It was intended to be a special thing, it was a present from the whole class because the last year of kindergarten. It meant to be something teacher could treasure for long time and a way to thank the 3 years she spent with our kids.
Si trattava di creare un regalo molto speciale per la maestra dell'ultimo anno di materna da parte di tutti i bambini e mamme della sezione. Doveva essere qualcosa di molto bello e significativo. 

I've been tempted to design fabric for long. Since I had in my hands for the first time Heather Ross' "Prints" book I wanted to do it but never happened. The main reason I think was in Italy I couldn't find easily people who print fabric for a reasonable price in few quantities, times have changed quickly and now we have options for fabric printing in Italy!
This fabric design of mine is made from all my girl's classmates drawings, portraits or drawings representing themselves with their teacher.
Ho avuto la tentazione di fare una stoffa personalizzata da tanto tanto tempo. L'input mi è arrivato con il libro "Prints" di Heather Ross, dove c'è un capitolo dedicato al design di materiale tessile, il metodo che la propria Heather Ross utilizza per la creazione delle sue meravigliose stoffe. Credo di non averlo mai fatto prima per la difficoltà che c'era in Italia per la stampa di stoffa "on demand" e in piccole quantità. Meno male i tempi sono cambiate e ora ci sono opzioni per la stampa di stoffa in Italia!

One thing I love the most besides sewing are kids' drawings and illustration. I think I became a mother just because the pleasure to have little ones' drawing for me (weird, I know) and a large collection of illustrated kids' books because "kids need to read!" - the true is I already owned my private illustrated book shelf before my kids were born hehe -.
A parte la mia passione per il cucino, la mia seconda grande passione sono i disegni dei bambini e le illustrazioni. Sono diventata mamma solo per avere la gioia di avere dei piccoli disegnatori intorno, e una grande collezione di albi illustrati senza sensi di colpa, perchè i bimbi devono leggere!!! - la verità è che già da prima che le mie figlie fossero nate, possiedo una nutrita collezione di albi illustrati per bambini, ora messa a loro disposizione hehe - . 
Not all kids love drawing and doodling, I'm in heaven since my girls do.
Non tutti i bambini amano disegnare, fortunatamente le mie sì!

Once all kids provided their drawings, I started digitalizing them and doing some digital editing to adjust color and composition. Then I composed the pattern on a 50x50 centimeters swatch.
Una volta che ho avuto a disposizione tutti i disegni della classe, li ho digitalizzati e li ho editati in modo di migliorare la resa del colore e di renderli compatibili come sfondo. Poi ho composto un pattern in una superficie di 50x50 cm. 

I used Photoshop since I've worked for long with it enhancing architectural drawings and renderings, or just for fun. Tools and skills were given so from that side it wasn't too difficult. Take count designing fabric takes time and work!
Ho usato Photoshop perchè ci ho lavorato per anni nell'abbellimento di tavole per l'interior design e architettura. Diciamo che ero già avvantaggiata e questa parte del lavoro non è stata troppo complicata. Tenete conto che per fare la propria fantasia per la propria stoffa ci vuole tempo e lavoro!
I learnt about file set up for textile printing, creating the right file type with the right data is super important, from it depends the beauty and quality of your printing. If you feel like creating a pattern for a textile surface please take a look to these links, I found them very useful:
Ho imparato cose nuove sulla preparazione dei files per la stampa tessile. Questo punto è molto importante perchè la bellezza e nitidezza della stampa dipendono degli attributi del vostro file. Questi link a continuazione mi sono stati molto utili:

- A Beginner's Guide to Digital Textile Printing
- Creating and saving files for print

Be aware to check accurately your print provider requirements, most printing providers have a requirements list to assure your file will work fine, it usually includes resolution, color mode, color profile and what extension is the best for printing.
When working on your file, save it safe!
È importantissimo verificare i requisiti del vostro servizio di stampa, tutti i servizi di stampa chiedono dei requisiti per la preparazione dei files, questi includono la risoluzione, il tipo e profilo di colore e la estensione del file. Dovete preparare i vostri files d'accordo ai requisiti del vostro servizio di stampa scelto. 

My textile print provider was Twiggify, these guys are the best!
Their work qualitiy and customer service are on top.
They have an interesting range of different fabrics types for printing, for this project my fabric choice was "Jersey", which in real is an interlock jersey, it means is a double knitted jersey with very small stretch capabilities, it is light weight, great for t shirts, softies, pillows or scarves.
I got to know them thanks to 2 wonderful italian crafters, Anna from Tamago Craft and Clara from Petit Pois Rose. 
I suggest to follow Twiggify facebook page for updates and coupon codes!
Ho stampato con Twiggify, sono stupendi!
La qualità del lavoro è ottima e il loro servizio ai clienti è anche molto molto accurato.
Twiggify ha una bella selezione di tessuti per la stampa. Per questo progetto ho scelto il "jersey". Si tratta di un "interlock", vuol dire che è un jersey di trama doppia con poco stretch. Molto leggero e ideale per abbigliamento, accessori e anche pupazzi e cuscini.
Sono entrata in contatto con Twiggify grazie ad Anna di Tamago Craft e Clara from Petit Pois Rose. 
Vi suggerisco di seguire la pagina facebook di Twiggify per aggiornamenti e promozioni!

Once the fabric was ready I made a pullover and t shirts for teacher and kids :)
Con la stoffa ho realizzato una maglia per la maestra e magliette per i bambini :)

If you feel like "making" your own fabric as well but you are starting from zero, this is a wonderful online class!

Se anche voi volete creare la propria stoffa ma non sapere da dove iniziare, questa lezione online è completissima!

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11 giugno 2016

Our bodies - only in english -

Nude with phone - Christopher DeLorenzo

Being a seamstress working on custom made garments gives you chance to get to know a lot about bodies.
I do work specially for women bodies.
Sincerely I find them all fine and at a first sight what I get from body measurements and your dress choice is how much fabric will be needed. Then I figure out about modifications and alterations from the original design according each customer body.

I have developed a line outside the usual women mass media bodies. I stopped looking at women mass media bodies as icons to follow in my mid-twenties. It was because I changed continent, I got in touch with people feeling good being as they are, I also knew a different way of living.  Maybe I change my point of view about the "look and body perfection" because I had a small luggage and also was short of money so even if staying in one of the top fashion and style countries in the world (Italy), mass media style wasn't affordable.

Besides the fashion and style thing, from Italy I also learned the beauty of raw original materials, how stuff is beautiful, so well made and how it last ages. And people keep it, proudly.
Here I also got to learn women are able to smile and look gorgeous even if they are suffering as hell inside wearing what they wear. I don't like that side of the coin so I didn't take it for myself.

When I starting my seamstress business I wanted to have easy wear pieces for any kind of body, from the technical side I always pursuit styles that could fit the best most bodies so I avoid very structured pieces, complex drapings, hazardous cuts, etc. I use only basic bust shaping darts. Any style I think up can be easily altered and size upgraded, it really eases my work.

I never ask for the size you wear, fashion business sizes are misled, each firm manages them as they like according the market they want to reach. If somewhere you fit a Medium, for others you'll fit a Large and so on. It is really useless people says they wear 10, 2, 8, 12... whatever. Even if you go shopping ready to wear clothing, I find useless to focus on the size this firm tags you in, you could try at least 3 sizes and take the one that fits the best and makes you feel good. What you usually do is trying the size you think you must fit in.
What really counts are your real body measurements. Obviously to make clothing a size scale is needed but believe me, it is useful the most for pattern grading.

It's very hard to please women and their bodies. Somehow we women are always made wrong. When instead we could be perfect as we are, establishing this sentence always if you are healthy and you are not distressing your body somehow.
We must think beauty changes countries to countries. Where someone could be a beauty, somewhere else they don't. Beauty statements changes year to year, and it's funny how a fashion style nowadays looks ugly, it was on top of beauty 20-30 years ago.

When thinking about how your body is made, take count of your genetics and background. Bones and flesh -even fat- are a heritage, we add personal habits and facts but as we say in my country land: Genio y figura hasta la sepultura (Looks and brains right up to the grave).

Treat yourself with respect, all the time :)

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06 giugno 2016

It's giveaway time at bymamma190!

In case you didn't know or if you do but you are not in yet, this is a reminder!

Hey hey hey... 

You can win a custom made dress as the one above for your favorite sweetheart girl!
Sizes are 3T to 10 years. Your choice. 
Follow these instructions: 
2. Heart the giveaway post here
3. If you are an IG user, repost the giveaway post and tag @bymamma190
4. Like bymamma190 page on facebook

Good luck!

The winner will be announced on June 7, 2016... you still have few hours to get in!
Stay tuned :)

Giveaway da bymamma190: potete vincere un'abitino estivo taglia bimba scelta tra le taglie 3 anni a 10 anni. Fatto su misura per la vostra bimba!

Segui queste semplici istruzioni: 
2. Cuora il post del giveaway qui
3. Se sei un'utente instagram, reposta il post del giveaway e tagga @bymamma190

Buona fortuna!

Farò conoscere il vincitore martedì 7 giugno 2016, sei ancora in tempo!


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